Saturday, 25 October 2008

me on o'channel tv !!!

While preparing Angling in Bunnyland, coincidentally O'Channel TV (Jakarta's local TV station) called me and asked me if i could be the guest of Profesi Jakarta (the program that shows stories of Jakarta's Citizen and their profession) a chocolate crafter of course!!! Then i say O.K!!!
They're going to shoot me doing my everyday (not the 'real' everyday) activities.. talking to my mom, watching
tv (???), reading book, working with my computer, buying the ingredients and last but not least making the chocolate plus creating the packaging.
Then i decided to make
Riris's chocolate on this will be good for the 3 of us ( me-riris-tv)
oh and i also made o channel logo it is

has got very excited when i told her about the shooting..well I'm glad too :)


iloveart_UK said...

Thank you Antya Purna Duhita...

we like the chocolate...

"very much"

im so proud of u sis...
keep in touch okay...

april said...

gw nonton tuh yg di O'channel, keren bgt!

suri-chan said...

akyu ntn di o-channel, beberapa kali karena akyu ntn recordednyah juga, coz i love chocolate juga ^^
Antya tuh manis, mana lucu lagi (sama kaya coklat) cara ngomongnyah juga lucu ^^
well,...akyu doain butik coklatnyah terwujud en pabrik coklat yang mirip di Charlie and The Chocolate Factory-nya Roald Dahlnyah moga terwujud di masa depan ^^
Doa lho!

inda said...

gue nonton! oke bgt loh..^^

ngileeer gue ngeliat o'channel kemaren ant.. salam kenal yaa ^^

boleh nih kalo kapan kapan gue order.. hehe