Monday, 3 November 2008

paper doll

Heytuta Masjhur
ingredients: white chocolate, milk chocolate, sprinkles, pocky, artificial color.

Heytuta asked me to make a chocolate for his friend's birthday. His friend, Dita is a fashion designer that own a label called Paper Doll, so i made a chocolate with paper doll idea..with her as the doll, the dress she designed, the shoes and bag that she used to wear. I came to all these stuff after observing her photos for days.. and i'm satisfied with the detail i made on her dress..


heloguno said...

ini coklat dikalungin?? gile..
ada2 aja dah..
klo yg kyk gini jadi saya bwt dimakan..

Floren. said...

ini lucu skali. mirip bgtt!
mirip jeng kellin yaa hahah